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Deutsche Bank Pays $38 Million To Settle Silver Manipulation Lawsuit

Monday, October 17th

2016 is shaping up as the year when countless conspiracy theories will be confirmed to be non-conspiracy fact: from central bank rigging of capital markets, to political rigging of elections, to media rigging of public sentiment, and now, commercial bank rigging of silver.

In short, tinfoil hat-wearing nutjobs living in their parents basement have been right all along.

Two weeks ago we reported that "In A Major Victory For Gold And Silver Traders, Manipulation Lawsuit Against Gold-Fixing Banks Ordered To Proceed," however one bank was exempt: Deutsche Bank. The reason why was known since April, when we first reported that Deutsche Bank had agreed to settle the class action lawsuit filed in July 2014 accusing a consortium of banks of plotting to manipulate gold and silver. Among the charges that Deutsche Bank effectively refused to contest were the following:

  • employment of a manipulative device claims
  • bid-rigging, and unjust enrichment.
  • price fixing and unlawful restraint
  • price manipulation claims
  • aiding and abetting and principal-agent claims.
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